What’s better than being featured in one “Amazing Office” listing in the span of just a couple weeks? Being featured in two, of course! Inventionland was recently featured in Folomojo!

Just after American BOSS Magazine came out with their list of “Top 10 Amazing Offices in the USA,” Folomojo.com featured Inventionland in their “Here are some helluva cool office spaces you would exchange your home for!” list!

While that is awesome news alone, you may be wondering… “What is Folomojo?!”

Folomojo Inventionland

According to their About Us section, the Indian website is a meeting place for “OMG-inducing, share-compelling, like-attracting, clutter-breaking, thought-provoking, myth-busting content from the country’s leading content curators.”

What could be more OMG-inducing than the inside of Inventionland? Maybe that’s why the Folomojo article featured our very own founder and CEO on the front page of the article, in a photo where Mr. Davison is dangling his feet in the creative waters inside our design facility.

“The chap in the necktie is not unwinding in some pool. Rather he puts his foot down and gets ready for the day’s work at office! Believe it or not, such utopian workplace wonders do exist—not in your dreams, but here on this soil,” says Folomojo contributor Swati Snigdha Suar.

Inside, the Folomojo article takes readers to offices across the world, visiting places like an architecture firm in Madrid, a charity company in California and an internet service provider in Sweden!

Folomojo Inventionland Office

Of course, their list is not complete without a visit to America’s largest invention factory! Here’s what Folomojo’s Snigdha Suar had to say about Inventionland:

“Wonder, how America’s largest invention factory looks like? Well, employees here work at 16 wacky sets, like faux cave, treehouse, giant show, shipwrecked pirate ship, cupcake kitchen, pet shack and giant robot. With 3 running waterfalls inside it, this place is every inventor’s Shangri-La!”

Read what else Folomojo had to say about Inventionland and other helluva cool office spaces around the world here.

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