The Chef Tony Bacon Baker that we built at Inventionland was featured on the TODAY Show! Read more!

Yesterday, the Chef Tony Bacon Baker was on NBC’s TODAY Show!

Once again, our nine-step process  took an idea and built it into the Chef Tony Bacon Baker… a product that now has been seen by millions of viewers!

TODAY Show- TODAY's Take

On NBC’s TODAY’s Take, a segment on grilling gifts for dads featured the Chef Tony Bacon Baker, which is sold by our friends at the Love Cooking Company!

The Bacon Baker, which we built right here at Inventionland, promises crispy bacon every time. The innovative Bacon Baker elevates each slice of bacon to prevent it from sitting in its grease.

If you were able to watch the segment, you might have heard America’s favorite TV weatherman, Al Roker, mention just how well the pan works!

“Everything goes better with bacon… you have a better way to make bacon,” said Roker.

If you missed seeing the Chef Tony Bacon Baker on NBC’s Today Show yesterday, no need to worry, here’s the video!

But, in the meantime, if you’re looking for a great grilling gift for that special dad in your life, you can pick up one for him and one for yourself by visiting, where the Bacon Baker is available for just $17.99!

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