Our invention factory was recently recognized in American BOSS Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Amazing Offices!” Keep reading to learn how we ranked!

In the June issue of American BOSS Magazine, Inventionland was featured among the likes of Go Daddy, Groupon and Adobe in an article deemed “Top 10 Amazing Offices in the USA.”

Inventionland featured in American BOSS Magazine.

According to the article’s writer, Nicola Batchelor, she set out to find “the U.S.’s most welcoming, inspiring and fun offices you’ve ever seen.”

That search brought her to our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania creative design headquarters, Inventionland!

“It is no surprise that the space to develop some of the world’s most inspiring and innovative ideas and products has been designed with unparalleled genius and creativity,” said Batchelor.

See what other features of our creative workspace helped Inventionland to reach the number two spot on the American BOSS Magazine “Top 10 Amazing Offices in the USA” list here.

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