Ford has taken their talents for car building and has now applied them to a bicycle prototype known as the e-bicycle, as seen in the picture above from!

This week, Ford presented their latest prototype for their smart e-bike to crowds at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

These bicycles go by the name of MoDe: Me and MoDe: Pro and can connect to a user’s Apple iPhone6 to access an array of smart features via Bluetooth.

The first feature is focused on navigation purposes.  In fact, the handle bars will actually vibrate when you need to turn left or right.

Ford Smart Bikes

Here’s a picture from Mashable that showcases the handle-bar navigation feature.

The next smart feature is that Ford’s smart bike can alert the rider of any hazards that are near the bike, communicate with other vehicles and even charge your smartphone in a cradle on the handlebar.

So, not only would you be charging ahead with a healthier lifestyle, you’d also be charging your phone too! A two-for-one special of sorts!

Another smart feature about these prototypes is that both are in fact e-bikes, which offer the rider electric pedal assistance. This feature can be used when pedaling becomes too hard, not to mention, the e-bike can reach speeds up to 15 mph.

Additionally, the e-bikes are equipped with two separate horns, a quieter one for pedestrians and the other, louder horn that’s meant to alert drivers.

Let’s get a better look at each model of Ford’s smart bike.

MoDe: Me

This smart bike was designed for more of the urban bicyclist. It’s lighter and smaller design makes it easier to be carried alongside a commuter bus or even in a car’s trunk. The MoDe: Me can only operate electronically when connected to a handset.

The Ford’s Me offers riders a sense of freedom and is less restrictive than public transportation.

MoDe: Pro

This particular Ford e-bike is more industrial and is meant for commercial use, like delivery services. The Pro comes equipped with an optional rear rack that makes transporting goods easier.

But, that’s not the only innovation that Ford has been dreaming up lately. In fact, in addition to their e-bikes, they also released their Info Cycle sensor kit, which is an open-sourced hardware and software sensor kit that can be installed on their e-bikes or a regular bike.

The kit collects data such as miles ridden, where bike lanes are located and the amount of light that’s given off in a certain area.

As of right now, Ford hopes that its newly-released designs for its smart technology, albeit in their early stages, will help improve the commute for everyone on the road, vehicles and bicycles alike in the future.

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