It was a busy and fun-filled week at Inventionland as four different tour groups came through our doors. 

Though it’s a lot of work to lead tours around our creative space, it’s worth the steps to see the smiles on our tour groups’ faces!

That’s why tour guide-extraordinaire, Sam takes great pride in his job and is always excited to bring groups through our invention factory with an enthusiastic attitude.

“We like to give them that level [of enthusiasm] and inspiration always,” said Sam.

On Monday, November 30th, the Inventionland doors were opened for two groups at once – the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts _Boy Scouts - Inventionland Tour

Sandora led a group of third grade Boy Scouts, as well as a fourth grade Girl Scout troop that Monday morning.

That afternoon, Sam welcomed yet another Girl Scout troop from Pittsburgh – Girl Scout Troop 54011.

Girl scouts 54011 - Girl Scouts _Boy Scouts - Inventionland Tour

According to Sam, this group of young girls had their thinking caps on when they entered Inventionland.

“They tried to shake me down for Girl Scout cookies!” he joked.

While many children and students that come through Inventionland find an interest in future careers, he recalled one Girl Scout in particular who had “loftier dreams.”

“She wanted to be the President of the company!” Sam smiled.

On Tuesday, tours were just as great as Sam welcomed a group of high school students from the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf, along with their interpreter who was fluent in American Sign Language.

Western PA School for the Deaf - Inventionland Tour

He remembers a young man from the group being very “mechanically-inclined.”

“He works on cars and other things,” he said. “So, when we got to Inventionland’s Motor Speedway, he was in heaven!”

There was even a young woman in the group who recently completed a presentation on Walt Disney at her school. Of course, Sam was sure to mention that Walt Disney just so happens to be one of our founder and CEO George Davison’s inspirational heroes!

Sandora said that the group asked lots of great questions and picked up on a lot of things on their own that many others don’t. “They were very poignant and had great observations!” said Sam.

And last, but certainly not least, this week’s tours came to a close on Wednesday, December 2nd, with Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School.

North Catholic - Inventionland TourNorth Catholic - Inventionland Tour

“I think the kids had a great time!” mentioned the group leader from the school.

“They were just captivated,” he said.

While on their tour, the group ran into Senior Design Manager, Clay. Sanmsaid he finds this fun as “[Clay] always engages them.”

Sandora also noted that the group seemed to be engaged as they walked by the Workshop and learned more about the Inventionland Institute.

“There’s often much interest from students and teachers. Some schools might even have a rapid prototype machine or 3D printer, but to have an actual curriculum is a million times more than what most do currently. It can open up a whole new world!” said Sam.

That’s it for this week’s tour recap! Check back next Friday to see who’s touring through Inventionland!

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