Today is National Mutt Day! Learn how one of Inventionland’s own and his furry four-legged friend are celebrating!

In celebration of National Mutt Day, a day that was created to embrace, save and celebrate mixed breed dogs, we’re sharing the story of Inventionland’s own, Michael otherwise known as “Spicy” (Special Operations) and his dog, Major!

Spicy’s dog, Major, is a German Shepherd-Black Lab-Border Collie mix. For the past eight years, Major has been working alongside Spicy and lending a helping paw whenever he can for packaging shoots and new pet toy testing.

At Inventionland, Spicy is the resident photographer.

“I don’t usually like working with animals for shoots as they can be unpredictable. It can be difficult to get what you’re looking for, but with enough reinforcement and treats, it usually works out!” said Spicy.

The tale of Major’s modeling story goes a little something like this.

“We were looking for a dog to do packaging shots with,” said Spicy. So, Spicy turned to none other than his right-hand man, Major, to fill the role!

After a few shoots, working with Major proved to be a good experience. While it may be difficult to work with animals that aren’t familiar, Spicy said he finds it easy to work with his furry four-legged friend.

“He listens to me!” said Spicy.

But, just as Major is a great helper, he is also a force to be reckoned with!

“He is very destructive. He just really loves to destroy things,” said Spicy, who further noted that Major always looks forward to the holidays.

“He likes opening presents,” he said.

By the looks of these next few pictures, he also loves to enjoy presents, too! We were happy to have Major be a product tester on several of our innovative, Inventionland-designed products including the Jaws Apple Chew Core, Cool Cot House, and Hydro Bone – created for our friends at Hugs Pet Products.

Major - National Mutt DayMajor - Cool Cot House - National Mutt DayMajor - Hydro Bone - National Mutt Day

As you can see, we had the great opportunity to shine the spotlight on a mutt by the name of Major, who has been able to live an exciting life thanks to his owner, Spicy.

So, today on National Mutt Day, there are thousands of mixed breed dogs across the United States patiently waiting to experience a loving bond with a pet parent and to find a fur-ever home. Perhaps today is the day that you change a loveable mutt’s life for the better!

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