A few weeks ago, two students from France came to Inventionland as part of their grad project. The two students are studying how creative work environments impact culture; and the work ethic of employees in companies with unique office environments. What better place to visit than Inventionland?

While at Inventionland, the students got to interview numerous team members from different sets. They asked questions like “How does this environment impact your creativity?” or “How did you feel when Mr. Davison first came to you with the idea of turning an ordinary warehouse into a Disney-esque environment?”.

The students are traveling the country visiting different companies and organizations that have creative work environments. So far, Inventionland has been their most unique stop yet; no surprise!

Once they have all of their research complete, they will return to France and present their findings to companies over in Europe. Their goal is to try and get European companies to adopt similar work environment habits that we have here in America.


Read their full article on Inventionland, here!