On this episode of ‘Inside Inventionland’, we interviewed Special Operations Designer/Photographer, Michael. Viewers will get a behind the scenes look with the person who is in charge of making sure special operations run smoothly here at Inventionland. Michael has been with the team for almost 13 years and nobody knows Inventionland like he does!

Michael is the go-to handy man around Inventionland who can practically fix anything. “I’m in charge of fixing the machines if they’re down, photography, lighting, theater maintenance, the snack shop and organizing events,” said Michael.

Some would say that Michel eats, sleeps and breathes Inventionland. “I love my job so much that I have to set an alarm just to let me know when it is time to go home” stated Michael.

See for yourself just how many tasks Michael takes on with day to day operations, in this month’s episode of ‘Inside Inventionland’!