Last week a company that we do a lot of innovation for – Jokari, attended the International Housewares show in Chicago, taking with them products that Inventionland helped design and develop for them!  The products the team took with them to showcase were a hit with major retailers alike that attended the show.

Inventionland has worked a lot with Jokari in the past, helping bring innovation to their line of products relating to kitchen gadgets and helpful storage/timesaving devices, and other innovations using our 9-step method. The innovative products were a success at the show and Jokari is working with Inventionland again to design and develop new lines of products that will fit into their current market and beyond!

We are so glad that Jokari had such a great show. It’s always a great feeling when our efforts are able to help another company that values innovation the way we do at Inventionland.


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