Our creative space serves as an inspiration for the inventing spirit and today we want to share with you our insight on how to combat creative burnout!

“Our story begins with the establishment of an inspiring belief system that is rooted in celebrating the power of imagination in people,” said CEO and founder George Davison in regards to Inventionland, many times listed amongst the world’s “coolest offices” alongside the likes of Google, Facebook and more.

We pride ourselves in the creativity and innovation that spans all 61,000 square feet of our design facility, rooted and built upon the hidden treasure troves of wisdom Mr. Davison realized on a family trip to Walt Disney World.

 Walt Disney World - Creative Burnout

While he and his family had visited many times before, one year Mr. Davison sat working on projects as his family enjoyed the park. In that moment, as he knocked out projects, he had a sudden burst of inspiration and rejuvenation. It was then that solid ideas and plans for what Inventionland would look like and become were born.

Mr. Davison discovered then that immersing yourself in a creative environment is key to overcoming the burnout and even the failures.

Along with other helpful tips, our Creationeers suggest that if you’re experiencing creative burnout, it takes your own willpower and motivation to create that awe-inspiring moment when your creativity is ignited.

“The truth is that both men and women get inspired by the release of the creative imagination within them. When you are creating something, you are usually completely absorbed in doing so, and the process allows us to form ideas into a structure that gives a sense of accomplishment,” said Mr. Davison.

Build upon that sense of accomplishment. Absorb it in your mind, heart and every fiber of your body. That’s what we need for creators to take the world to a whole new level.

Release the creator within!

If you’re experiencing creative burnout, an Inventionland tour might be the spark that you need!

“People get their validation here and then they get inspired,” said Sam Sandora regarding the tours he often leads.

Schedule a tour with your group today and keep creative burnout at bay.

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