With a name like The Veracious Vermies, we knew that this robotics team would be an interesting group to tour around Inventionland!

As we’ve mentioned in previous Inventionland tour blogs, Sam often leads creative community groups through our design facility.

Sam says that no matter how big or how small a group might be, it’s always exciting when a new group comes to our invention factory for a tour.

This week, we were happy to open our doors to The Veracious Vermies robotics team.

Sam said that he had a great time leading such a smart group of children.

“They did a lot of probing [with questions],” he said.

 The Veracious Vermies - Inventron 54

There was one young girl in particular that stuck out to Sandora, who he called a “future lawyer” due to her inquisitive nature.

“She would say something and then counter her own statements. She did the same to me too! It’s not often that you hear that kind of stuff from young kids,” said an impressed Sam.

Our creative space is the perfect place to ignite imaginations and for The Veracious Vermies, this was quite evident!

“They are just overwhelmed when they come here. You see their brains ticking into a different mode. You see the widgets and cogs and wheels turning,” said Sam.

Sam mentioned half of the group stated they wanted to work here at Inventionland.

“How old do you have to be to work here?” they asked.

Sam said that with all of the career options available at Inventionland, it is not too surprising that innovative young minds would flock to our creative haven.

“They marvel! Kids get the big picture coming here. ‘I can be a designer. I can be an engineer.’ Then they even get back to George Davison Studios and realize there are animators, directors, producers, editors, writers. Along with build, where we have skilled people working with metal, wood, and more,” said Sam. “It’s all about opening their eyes to all the different vocations. You can do anything here.”

 The Veracious Vermies - Workshop

We think that it’s safe to say that Inventionland enlightens the groups that tour our creative space.

“They get caught in their own world,” said Sam. “It’s just fun to see!”

But, Inventionland wasn’t the only part of the tour that piqued The Veracious Vermies’ interest; the group was also intrigued by the Inventionland Institute Workshop area!

Sandora said that he believes that it’s great for young minds to be involved in things like robotics.

“It really puts them ahead of the game and allows them to tap into their innovative side. You don’t often have that in traditional schools, so it’s great to see kids getting involved.”

Special thanks to The Veracious Vermies for their great visit!

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