Another WQED Invention Convention has come and gone and we must admit that this fun and interactive event was quite the success!

Though it might sound a bit obvious, our kids are our future and after the 2015 WQED Invention Convention that was held at Inventionland last Friday, we must admit that the future looks bright!

2015 WQED Invention Convention

Our very own invention factory, Inventionland was overrun with innovation as area 5th through 8th grade students flooded our creative facility for the innovative event.

As usual, this year’s Invention Convention helped to support S.T.E.M education, or the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

After an inspiring welcome from CEO and founder George Davison, student participants got to work on three different inventing activities: Paddle Power, Launch It and Zipline.

2015 WQED Invention Convention

The day-long event was full of innovation, including a session where students pitched new product ideas to our expert panel of judges.

The well-rounded group of judges not only evaluated the students’ creativity and ideas, but they also dove right in, offering project advice and mentoring students throughout the day.

Without a doubt, the students, experts and volunteers went home feeling excited and inspired by all the innovation that tomorrow holds!

You can see more pictures from the 2015 WQED Invention Convention by visiting the Inventionland Facebook page!

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