The GolfBoard as pictured above from might change the way you navigate the links!

When you think about the sport of golf, your mind may travel to courses in Pebble Beach, California, Augusta, Georgia or Pinehurst, North Carolina. But, an innovative company has emerged with a concept that may have golf enthusiasts surfing their way to Bend, Oregon, to test out some of the latest technology to hit the sport.

Instead of driving down fairways with your favorite wood, this new company is encouraging golfers to “surf the earth” with their GolfBoard, a lithium-ion battery-powered board that allows golfers to traverse from shot to shot with a sensation similar to riding a wave at the beach.

According to FOX12 reporter Nick Krupke, the GolfBoard could help encourage younger golfers to hit the links because it “… combines the best of what the Oregon board sports scene has to offer… snowboarding, sandboarding and it even delivers a surfing the wave sensation.”

The GolfBoard may entice a younger generation, but this new golf invention also has the power to impress one and all. says the transport is driven with four-wheel positraction that is easily controlled by the rider. It is touted for safety, reliability and a need for little-to-no maintenance. In fact, the GolfBoard, which FOX12 reported could travel at 5-9 miles per hour, is said to leave less impact on turf than a conventional golf cart.

The GolfBoard

But, if you’ve ever tried to skateboard or snowboard, you know that both sports take a bit of training before they are mastered. Would the GolfBoard require veteran golfers to learn some new tricks before surfing the greens with the new technology? writers emphatically say “no.”

“Simply step up onto the board and, using either the wireless handheld controller or the on-board thumb-throttle, gently engage power to the wheels and away you go. You are in full control of the speed and braking at all times, while your movement side-to-side guides the steering,” reports

In addition to carrying a full bag of golf clubs, the GolfBoard is designed to carry a 250+ pound golfer over 18+ holes of golf before needing a quick recharge.

The invention already has made a name for itself among the professionals as well. The GolfBoard was named the 2014 Best New Product at the PGA Merchandise Show.

With golf season getting into full swing, are you ready to ride the ride the wave with the golf industry’s latest invention? Right now, you can purchase a GolfBoard for $6,500 with financing and leasing options available. When you total up a lifetime of cart fees, the GolfBoard may just be a Better Way to get around the golf course!

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