We have some exciting news… Inventionland was featured on the first day of the Pittsburgh Business Times’ Coolest Offices Month, Presented by Ikea! Keep reading to learn what they said!

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Business Times launched the first day of their Coolest Offices Month. In this month full of innovation, “the most interesting, inspiring and attractive office spaces in the Pittsburgh region” will be showcased each day throughout the month.

Where did the Pittsburgh Business Times’ Coolest Offices Month showcase begin? None other than our own creative design facility, Inventionland! Yes, we were featured as the first, coolest office of September!

Here are the cliff notes of what they had to say!

So, why do we have a cool office? Well, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times, and we echo these sentiments, our creative design facility “is America’s largest invention factory, where new products are designed, engineered and packaged by [our] creative professionals who work inside of 16-uniquely themed sets.”

The article also went on to say that, “Inventionland is a place for designers and innovators to let their creativity run wild.”

What an awesome way to start out September! See the entire Pittsburgh Business Times’ Coolest Offices Month showcase on Inventionland here!

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