Our creative designers are at it again! This time, their efforts were STEM-ming into the educational sphere for our friends over at the Inventionland Institute!

As we’ve previously mentioned, The Kiski School became the first school to adapt the exclusive Inventionland Institute inventing curriculum when they began the course with a visit to Inventionland last spring.

Now that they’re back to school, it’s time to kick off the second semester of Inventionland Institute coursework with none other than the school’s brand-new Makerspace!

Earlier this week, The Kiski School featured their new three-room Makerspace in the “Kiski’s Inventionland Institute Makerspace” article in their e-newsletter, Kiski Cougar Connections.

According to the article, the Makerspace supports the school’s “emphasis on doing, creating, and innovating.”

The Inventionland Institute Makerspace

Not only are we excited about The Kiski School’s new makerspace because it is where they will teach the inventing curriculum designed by our friends at the Inventionland Institute; but, our excitement STEMs from the fact that our very own designers helped school administrators to envision, design and furnish the new space, which includes a Maker Space, an Inventor Space and a Storytelling Space.

The Inventionland Institute makerspace

Highlights of the Maker Space include sound-proofed walls, a laser etcher and various other power tools that are “meant for loud hands-on creation.”

The Inventionland Institute Inventor Space

The Inventor Space is distinguished by computer graphics software, a 3D printer and customized work benches that “are fully stocked with every hand tool imaginable.”

The Inventionland Institute

Finally, the Storytelling Space is equipped with a green screen that can “visually transport [students] to a virtual background.”

So many hands at Inventionland played a part in bringing this creative makerspace to fruition. Now that The Kiski School students are fully armed with even more cutting-edge technology and tools, we can’t wait to see what new product ideas they come up with this semester!

You can read more about the school’s three-room custom makerspace in the Kiski Cougar Connections e-newsletter here.

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