The 2017 Pittsburgh STEM Summit was a success! Founder and CEO, Mr. George Davison made a lasting impression on the guests last Wednesday when he made his entrance to the presentation inside of a mock cryogenic freezer that was built here at Inventionland!

Mr. Ken Burk made the introduction for Mr. Davison who was pretending to be George Westinghouse coming back to the future of 2017 where STEM education has not changed much. Mr. “Westinghouse” preached that education has not changed since he was last frozen in 1914. He urged the crowd that it is our duty as educators to bring STEM back to life!

This led into the Inventionland Innovation Course being introduced to the crowd where they soon found out that STEM education has been reinvented!

School officials from the Pittsburgh Technical College, where the event was held – couldn’t say enough nice things about the potential of our course once they saw our video. They were very eager to learn more which is great for Inventionland! Their school specializes in getting college students career ready to take on jobs in almost 20 industries, which is why the Pittsburgh Technology Council felt their venue was a perfect fit for the event!

While at the event, Mr. Davison got a chance to check out Ubers latest technology; the self-driving car! We were able to meet with the Uber team as they showcased their latest technological advances, and we are even discussing having them show off one of their cars to our Creationeers here at Inventionland!

After the event, attendees of the summit were able to hop onto buses to come and tour the partnering companies that sponsored the event. Other facilities that could have been toured were Google and Uber Technologies. It’s safe to say that Mr. “Westinghouse’s” entrance to the event may have influenced where attendees wanted to go tour. While at Inventionland, tour attendees had a chance to tour our inventing facility and participate in a maker kit activity that even further showed how our curriculum is being implemented into schools!

Overall, the Inventionland team had a great time attending the 2017 STEM Summit and we look forward to being a part of it next year as well. Keep checking back for updates on our upcoming events in May! If you would like to learn more about our Inventionland Innovation Course, click here.

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