The Inventionland Innovation Curriculum is really taking off! Just recently, Founder and CEO George Davison signed a distributor agreement to have the Inventionland Innovation Course Curriculum and teaching materials, sold in other countries!

This is a huge deal and major milestone for the team here at Inventionland! “Watching this curriculum grow from just an idea to what it has become today is absolutely incredible” stated Mr. Davison.

Along with this new distributor agreement comes a lot of hard work. All of the teaching materials and curriculum must be translated and repackaged in different languages! Some countries where the Inventionland Course will soon be offered are Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Morocco, and Algeria, just to name a few.

It’s very exciting knowing that the Inventionland brand will now be exposed in numerous countries! There is still so much work to accomplish before the course can be offered overseas, however, this is still a major step in helping teach children innovation and problem-solving skills outside of the U.S.

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