The verdict is in: Martha Stewart loves 3D printing!

After having hired outside firms to create models of her houseware designs on commercial printers, Martha Stewart is actively seeking out the innovative technology of 3D printers to prototype her designs for flatware, platters and pots.

In the houseware industry, 3D printers are beginning to change the way that they fabricate items at the workplace and at home.

Martha Stewart

Recently, Martha Stewart has taken an interest in this technology and went on to talk about inventions such as Sprout which is an interactive HP computing platform. In addition to being a 3D printer, it has given creative entrepreneurs the ability to invent a finished product in a timely and cost-effective fashion and it’s this feature that caught the eye of the houseware queen.

Throughout her career, Martha Stewart has worked to build a business that is filled with exploration as well as teaching traditions that have been handed down for generations.

However, over the years, the advances in technology have given her the chance to explore her creativity in ways that seemed almost unimaginable at times.

As mentioned before Martha Stewart is currently on the hunt for a 3D printer for prototyping her own products.

Being the successful businesswoman that she is, Stewart is working on deals to invent a Martha Stewart collection of 3D printable products in addition to a magazine spread of 3D printed Easter items.

In short, Martha Stewart is intrigued with how this technology can be used in the future.

With that being said, we think that it’s safe to say that we’ll be anxious to see what 3D-printed projects are on the horizon for Martha Stewart!

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