Could this portable charger be the answer to the woes of a dying mobile device with no power outlet in sight? Read this blog to find out!

In this tech-focused world that we live in, we are constantly connected; whether it’s through our phones or tablets, we always have our hands wrapped around what’s trending.  But, just as we are constantly connected, the bane of most people’s existence is a dying phone and no way to charge it!

This is where the story begins…

Tejas Shastry, Mike Geier and Alex Smith, all met at NUvention Energy, an entrepreneurship course at Northwestern University. It was during this course that they were tasked with inventing a product for the sustainable energy or clean tech industry.

This inventor-trio had a couple of things in common.  To begin, they loved to work out and they also used their cell phones frequently which led to their phone batteries dying. It was these similarities among the three PhD students that prompted them to invent the AMPY.

Inventions are usually created to solve a problem and the AMPY was invented to solve the problem of a dead smartphone before the day was over.

This small, square, wearable device receives energy from human motion. The energy is then turned into a portable charger for a phone or USB-powered device.

The AMPY encourages its users to be active, so they decided to create a device that would recharge their smartphones as a person burns calories through walking, biking or running.  They would be recharge their smartphones through that energy.

This portable charger can generate enough energy to charge a smartphone for three hours. That means for every hour of biking, 30 minutes of running or 10,000 steps of walking, it can create enough energy to charge a smartphone for three hours!

The AMPY works with Androids, iPhones and other devices that utilize a USB port to charge.

Portability is the main feature and the AMPY weighs in at about 0.3 pounds and is half the size of an iPhone 5; this design maximizes its ability to be taken anywhere.

The AMPY also comes with an armband, clip and sleeve to be worn on the go.  However, if you’d rather not have this invention visible, it can still collect energy while in a person’s pocket.

Check out this portable charger in action, here!

In short, the AMPY motivates people to get moving in order to get charging! A simple concept that the inventors hope will resonate with the public in the near future!

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