On airplanes, the most coveted seat for passengers often is the window seat. Now, thanks to this windowless airplane concept, everyone on the plane will have the best seat in the house, because there are no windows!

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How can everyone have a window seat if there are no windows on the plane?”

The answer is simple; the cabin on this concept plane from the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) will be lined with curved high-definition screens and cameras that are mounted on the exterior of the aircraft. These cameras will then supply live video footage that makes it look like the walls are see-through.

What this means is that there aren’t actually windows, just screens that give passengers the illusion that the walls are transparent, allowing them to see what’s happening outside, thousands of feet in the air!

CPI, the UK based tech company that is behind this great invention, hopes to be the first to design a windowless airplane.

Though this innovative concept isn’t exactly new, because a Paris-based company had a similar project in development, CPI believes that in 10 years, this invention concept could become a reality.

But, despite the obvious “cool factor” of a plane with no windows, this windowless airplane has the potential to lead to less costly flights, due to its thinner walls that would be stronger and more lightweight than what airplanes currently have.

To continue on the “less costly” route, according to CPI’s calculations, every time the weight of the plane reduces one percent, there’s a 0.75 percent savings in fuel cost. This savings creates a domino effect in that the passengers, manufacturer and airline will all save money.

Here’s a quick clip from CPI that will give you an in-depth look at their windowless airplane:

As it stands now, the windowless airplane is still in the works and it may take some time to be adapted for commercial use. However, for the already anxious flyer, you might want to book your next flight on a more traditional airline! Nonetheless, the windowless airplane is sure to have passengers’ heads in the clouds!

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