Although bringing the outdoors inside may be the furthest thing from your mind during a cold winter that was exactly the theme of an “office etiquette” blog that featured Inventionland late last year.

The post, published by MyDoorSign, was called “Innovative office spaces bring the outdoors in” and it featured “out-of-the-box workplaces” from around the world.

MyDoorSign writers said that Inventionland ranked among “big businesses the world over, especially in the ad and design sectors, [who] are now kicking down cubicles for more open and creative work-fun spaces.”

The blog also noted how “companies believe that stimulating surroundings can bring forth creativity and productivity.”

Some of the stimulating surroundings that MyDoorSign showcased at Inventionland included the Pirate Ship Discovery and Motor Speedway.

MyDoorSign- Inventionland

Other innovative office spaces included in the MyDoorSign blog post were Onefootball in Berlin, Google’s Zurich office and social media companies Facebook, Skype and Twitter, among other creative office spaces.

Check out the entire MyDoorSign blog here.

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