It’s baaaaaack! The Miracle Meatloaf Pan was back on QVC!

Hhhmmm… it’s not even mid-January and already a product that we designed at Inventionland has appeared on QVC? Yep!

Culinary Professional Chef Tony Notaro and QVC host Dave Venable were back “In the Kitchen with David” last weekend. But, it wasn’t the weather that had these two talking. Rather, it was a QVC-heavy hitter that actually appeared on the network two times in 2014 that made its first appearance of the new year!

Without further delay… the Miracle Meatloaf pan was back on QVC!

Not only did Notaro and Venable show off great new meatloaf recipes with the Miracle Meatloaf pan, they also showed its versatility by featuring stuffed peppers and cornbread that were made in the pan.

But, it was Venable’s favorite macaroni-and-cheese stuffed meatloaf that had him doing his self-proclaimed “happy dance” on the air!

“If you’re looking to breathe new life into your old meatloaf recipe, you’ve found the right tool!” said Venable.

QVC originally had listed the Miracle Meatloaf pan for $17, but has now discounted that price to $15.46. The pan has received a four-star rating from 38 customer reviews and can be purchased in red, blue or black.

Miracle Meatloaf Pan QVC

“During these cold winter months, what’s more comforting than a wonderful, hot piece of meatloaf?” said Venable.

How about a wonderful, hot piece of meatloaf made in a product that we designed at Inventionland?!

Watch the Miracle Meatloaf pan’s latest QVC appearance now. Here’s to a 2015 that’s “stuffed” with more wonderful product news!

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The inventor of the Miracle Meat Loaf Pan has not realized a profit on this product.  A typical new product project is not sold in stores or on television.