Kick back, relax and read about the latest 3D-printing news: 3D-printed furniture!

This spring, you might be thinking of a list of home improvements that you would like to do. Maybe renovate the kitchen or even update the furniture in your living room. If you plan on the latter, would you ever consider using 3D-printed furniture?

Winbo, a Chinese company, has created and continues to create 3D printers that are able to print objects of all shapes and sizes.

The company specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of 3D printers and 3D-printing materials.

But, as we’ve seen last year and into this year, 3D printing has the capability to pretty much print anything under the sun. Winbo has taken this notion into account as they have printed small-sized home models, as well as life-sized, usable 3D-printed furniture.

The inspiration for this innovative endeavor of 3D-printed furniture stems from the realization that more and more people are customizing and personalizing their homes, rather than choosing fixed designs.

So, Winbo decided to use their 3D printers to print home models at first. Then, the company took their home plan idea a step further when they created actual, useful 3D-printed furniture.

Although the idea of 3D-printed furniture has been done before, the attention to detail to which Winbo 3D prints their furniture is unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

Winbo’s first creation was a 3D model of a very detailed chair. The company used one of their printers to print pieces, one pieces at a time, of a life-sized chair.

From that point on, the 3D-printed furniture train did not stop; in fact, Winbo has 3D-printed tables to match the chairs and the company is currently working on printing a large desk as well.

This feat is more about showing what 3D printers are capable of, rather than the style and comfort of the 3D-printed furniture.

Winbo’s site currently features an array of the 3D-printed furniture that they’ve created thus far that ranges from lamps to sofas and everything in between.

3D printed furniture

Above is a picture of some of Winbo’s 3D-printed furniture from

The opportunities are endless with Winbo’s 3D-printed furniture. Who knows, they might come out with porch furniture or maybe even a bedroom set. Only time will tell!

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