Still looking for some plans today? Look no further! Tune in to QVC beginning at 12 p.m. EST to catch our Inventionland-designed product on display!

You have to agree, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your hard work recognized by others. Well, that’s how our Creationeers are feeling today because their hard work will be on QVC!

The Inventionland-designed PushPan Brownie Pan will be featured on QVC’s “Kitchen Unlimited with Carolyn” between 12 and 1 p.m. EST!

This innovative product is on set right now as we speak and will be showcased as a QVC exclusive.

Though this isn’t the first Inventionland-designed product to make its way on QVC airwaves, the excitement level of our Creationeers is through the roof!

On the show, the PushPan Brownie Pan, which we designed for our friends at Love Cooking Company, will be front and center as host Carolyn Gracie shows off just how easy this baking innovation is to use.

PushPan Brownie Pan QVC

What’s on today’s QVC menu? Only time will tell because the PushPan Brownie Pan can make perfectly-portioned brownies, cake squares and even savory dishes like cornbread!

Since there are still a few hours until the product appears on QVC, here are a few snapshots of the PushPan Brownie Pan in action to curb your cravings for innovative products and sweet treats!

PushPan Brownie Pan QVCPushPan Brownie Pan QVC

PushPan Brownie Pan QVCPushPan Brownie Pan QVC

Set your DVR or tune in LIVE to see the PushPan Brownie Pan for yourself!

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