Three young groups were recently scout-ing around Inventionland. Find out who toured our invention factory during the last week of 2015!

Just before the New Year, on Monday, December 28th, Inventionland’s own tour guide-extraordinaire Sam led not one, not two, but THREE young groups through Inventionland.

So, who was touring our 61,000 square-foot creative space?

Oakmont Webelo Group - Inventionland Tour

The day started with the Oakmont Webelo Cub Scouts Den. This group of young men got a pleasant surprise from none other than Inventionland founder and CEO Mr. George Davison!

“We ran into Mr. Davison by the Inventalot Castle. When I was about to take the picture, he kind of snuck behind them at first. It’s really fun when he gets to play around with the guests,” said Sam.

The kids weren’t the only one who took a particular interest when Mr. Davison was around; in fact, the group leaders were just as interested!

“They were excited to learn that Mr. Davison also grew up in Oakmont, PA, and that he actually was once part of the very same Cub Scout group!” said Sam. “It’s always exciting to talk to someone who lived where you grew up, but was also involved in the same activities.”

The Oakmont Webelo Cub Scouts Den may have been the first tour of the day, but two additional groups also made their way through our invention factory just before the New Year.

Boy Scout Group - Inventionland TourGirl Scout Troop - Inventionland Tour

Both Boy Scout Troop #395 from Natrona Heights, PA, and a group of Girl Scouts from West Mifflin, PA, also got the grand tour!

We must admit that a day full of Inventionland tours is the perfect way to end one year and ring in the next! It’s safe to say that this Monday in particular was definitely an exciting, tour-packed day at Inventionland.

If you’d like to schedule a group tour of Inventionland in 2016, click here!

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