Inventionland was recently featured in Australia’s Sky News! Check it out!

Week after week, our creative design facility continues to make headlines around the world. This week, we’re traveling to Australia, where Sky News, the leading multi-platform news supplier for Australia and New Zealand, recently has featured Inventionland on their“12 of the world’s coolest office spaces” list.

In the past, Inventionland has been featured alongside the likes of creative offices that belong to Google, Groupon and various other big-name companies.  Australia’s Sky News has now put our invention factory next to none other than Apple… you know, the company that likely makes your phone, computer or some other device that you can’t go without each day! The company’s Cupertino, California headquarters fronts the web article.

Apple’s office is then followed by Facebook, Amazon and, oh yeah… you guessed it- Inventionland!

Sky News Article

Australia’s Sky News writers wrote the following about our creative design facility:

“Their head office is fitted with 16 different themed rooms including a mock pirate ship and tree house.”

Other cool offices on the Sky News list included Lego, BMW and Uber!

According to Sky News, thanks to Inventionland and the other companies on the list, traditional office spaces are being transformed from drab to fab!

“Gone are the days where isolated office cubicles and rundown staff kitchens. By swapping bland board rooms for innovative designs, these big businesses hope to keep their employees inspired,” said Sky News writers.

As if our creative workspace alone wasn’t enough to inspire, weekly features next to hugely creative companies across the world is a pretty great innovator, too!

For more info about Australia’s Sky News article and to see the “12 of the world’s coolest office space,” read the article, here!

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