Thanks to the 3D-printing capabilities of Ripples (as pictured above from, a new technology that uses 3D printing and inkjet technology, coffee enthusiasts can enjoy their daily cup(s) of caffeine in a creative way!

The innovation behind these 3D-printed creations is a small, Wi-Fi connected device by the name of the Ripple Maker. This invention allows a coffee drink to embellish delicious coffee milk foam with a natural coffee extract through Ripple Pods that extrude the written or visual liquid design.

This invention is more geared toward local coffee shops where foamy coffees are plentiful. Ripples offers a Better Way to connect with others through a common ground and shared love for none other than coffee.

It only takes about 10 seconds for Ripples to produce a 3D-printed design on any foamy drink in any sized mug up to seven inches high and 4.5 inches in width.

In this day and age, baristas are already seen as “artists” of sorts when it comes to their caffeinated creations. However, they will be able to take it up a notch, thanks to Ripples, which will have eager customers saying, “Thanks a-latte!”

Ripples gives customers the opportunity to make customizable art on their lattes by using an app. Once the design is transmitted to a Wi-Fi-enabled device, the creation gets printed right on to the customer’s latte.

Customers can sift through an existing Ripple from the hundreds of messages and images that are already in the app’s library or a customer can create their own from the camera roll on their device.

If a customer does, in fact, choose his or her own Ripple, its contrast, brightness and crop can be adjusted to how it will appear in the mug.

The ink for the Ripples’ designs are actually coffee extracts. Once the design is chosen, it’s sent to the Ripple Maker, which prints the design in a matter of seconds.

Take a better look at what Ripples has brewing, here!

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