Straight out of the Pet Shack is back and, this time, we’re featuring a Creationeer and his pet ferret, Yo-Yo! Keep reading to learn more about this dynamic duo!

Inventionland Designer Karl is the proud pet parent of his five-year-old albino ferret, Yo-Yo.

But, this isn’t your everyday ferret; “She thinks she’s a dog, cat, worm… it depends on the day,” he said.

Though sometimes Yo-Yo uses her inventive spirit towards mischief, Karl uses her creativity as motivation for designing pet products each and every day.

So, what does Yo-Yo do in her spare time? She loves to play in bags and hide in boxes. Karl even claims that she’s a “dirty thief,” as she’ll steal bags of potato chips or even food wrappers and hide them in his closet!

That’s not all; Yo-Yo also enjoys exercise. In fact, lifting is one of her favorites and this was evident when she once found a mop that was still wrapped in plastic and dragged the entire mop (pole and all) up the stairs.

Talk about strong!

But, the signs of Yo-Yo’s strength have shown through in other ways, too! In fact, she’s undergone and overcome several surgeries for cancer. Though that might have slowed down any other ferret, she continues to entertain Karl, day in and day out!

Here are the pictures to prove it!

Straight out of the Pet Shack - Yo-Yo

Though he superimposed his furry friend into the picture, even when Yo-Yo is away, she’s still putting a smile on her proud owner’s face!

 Straight out of the Pet Shack - Yo-Yo

We think that this picture speaks for itself. Yo-Yo is one, cool ferret!

 Straight out of the Pet Shack - Yo-Yo

A day in the life of Yo-Yo can be tiring! She gives it her all each and every day and knows just how important it is to get her beauty sleep!

So, from a water-skiing dog named Hydro to a fun-loving ferret named Yo-Yo, we’re confident when we say that behind every Inventionland Creationeer is a quirky pet! Stay tuned for more updates straight out of the Pet Shack!

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