It’s Sewing Lovers Day! So we decided to shine the spotlight on Inventionland’s Seamstress, Bev! Keep reading to learn about her tricks of the trade!

Every maker has a story and today we turned to Bev, our seamstress-extraordinaire, to thread the needle and stitch together her story for us on Sewing Lovers Day!

Her story began seven years ago and ever since then, Bev, whose “office” is conveniently located in the Crafty Cottage, has become our go-to for everything and anything pertaining to “soft goods” that need stitched or sewn.

In true maker spirit, Bev’s seamstress skills were put to use in the actual making of Inventionland. From the red and black curtains that are hung throughout our invention factory, to the unique clouds that float around our ceiling above, Bev did it all, along with some help from her creative coworkers!

“Another coworker welded the frames and I did the covers,” said Bev of the Inventionland clouds.

Bev Cook- SeamstressBut, even before Bev could lend her talent to Inventionland, her story had to begin somewhere and, lucky for us, she shared her journey!

“When I was younger, I used to make all my own clothes,” said Bev. “I have all brothers, so I used to make them clothes when we were younger, too,” she continued.

“In fifth grade, I started out making little purses and things.”

In fact, her high school home economics class gave her additional sewing experience, which led her to a seamstress job in a bridal store, followed by a job doing alterations for a cleaner.

From a bridal store to alterations to now working in the Crafty Cottage at Inventionland, Bev is well-rounded with experience.

“Everything is new and high-tech now, while sewing is hard work and an old profession,” said Bev.

“At this point in time, people should start looking at work [in this field]. If people don’t start training to work in this type of position now, they won’t have anybody to do the job,” said Bev as a call out to all sewing lovers in a time when many younger generations can’t sew on a button.

“The more you do it, the easier it gets and the quicker you can do it!”

And, quickly is exactly how she does her job!

“I just want to get it done, because I want to see what it looks like,” said Bev who is always happy to see the finished product.

Every maker has their go-to items that make their daily tasks just a stitch easier. Bev shared her favorite sewing essentials. You know, those items she just doesn’t want her Crafty Cottage to be without…and it’s pretty simple!

Various sewing machines and a stitch cutter make the job easier by not having to hand-sew everything, but what’s her favorite item? The answer is simple.

“A pair of good, sharp scissors! At times, people used to come in [to the Crafty Cottage] and try to take my scissors to use!” she said.

But what they didn’t realize is that good, sharp scissors to a seamstress are like good, sharp scissors to a hairdresser – very important for the job!

It just seamed right that we shared our talented seamstress’ story as well as her tips and tricks with you today on Sewing Lovers Day; and, we have to admit, we’re sew glad that we did!

Crafty Cottage - Seamstress_Crafty Cottage - Seamstress

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