Tesla is known for its innovation and now we’re exploring its assembly plant in California. Check it out!

At Inventionland, we know first-hand what it’s like to have a cool office space. That’s because our 61,000 square foot invention factory is comprised of 16 uniquely-themed sets where our Creationeers work to turn ideas into inventions.

So, when we discovered that Tesla was touting a cool office of its own, we had to explore!

Over the past 10 years, Tesla has continually been in the news as the company grows and expands its innovative efforts.

Located in Fremont, California, Tesla’s assembly plant is manned by more than 150 robots. It’s this type of creativity that left us craving more!

As a side note, this is the last major car factory that remains in California, so obviously being on its own, the Tesla plant had to be something special.

Let’s get right to the facts that build Tesla’s case as a cool office. First and foremost, the facility occupies 5.3 million square feet of manufacturing space. Yes, you read that right, 5.3 million square feet!

As soon as you enter this enormous plant, visitors are greeted by a row of Tesla prototypes, which is a true testament to the innovation that lives within the walls of this facility! Now, these prototypes range in characteristics. Some are wooden composites, others are the original iterations and, of course, this row of cars wouldn’t be complete without the first drivable Model S prototype.

Given that this is such an expansive space, rather than walk, Tesla employees navigate their way around the plant on bicycles – something our Creationeers can relate to as you’ll often see them zipping around Inventionland on scooters!

 Inside Tesla Plant

Before, we mentioned that the assembly line at the Tesla plant is run largely by robots – more than 150 to be exact. Well, these robots play an important role in the creation of Tesla products. For instance, they put together Tesla’s powertrain and some actually pick up the cars. The latter is known as the Mystique and these large robots are named after characters from Marvel’s X-Men.

The naming convention continues as two other robots that work in conjunction with one another were given the names Wolverine and the Iceman. Here’s how their system works:

A Model S approaches the robots; from there, the Wolverine is activated and lifts and rotates the car 180 degrees. It’s at this point that the Iceman is put into motion and receives the car from the Wolverine. The car, again, is turned 180 degrees by the Iceman and the car continues on its merry way down the production line.

Talk about precision!

We could go on and on about the Tesla plant; but, sometimes descriptions just can’t do it justice. Here’s a quick clip to give you an inside look at the Tesla assembly plant.

From one cool office to another, we give this space the Inventionland seal of approval!

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