Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and hosts and hostesses everywhere are working hard to produce feasts that are beautiful enough that they could be featured on the magazine cover of Martha Stewart Living.

Speaking of Martha Stewart, while you might be watching NFL football and spending quality time with family and friends waiting to dig in to your delicious Thanksgiving Day meal, the idea people at Martha Stewart Living have been working to put those finishing decorative touches to your celebration.

In a previous blog, we mentioned that Martha Stewart gave 3D printing her seal of approval and her company is excited to bring their signature color palette and designs to life through 3D printing!

So this week, we thought it would only make sense to expand on this topic as Martha Stewart, the queen of everything and anything domestic, is putting her own spin on her Thanksgiving Day decorations, which some think are as important as the meal itself!

Martha Stewart Living representatives have recently made an announcement that they will partner with MakerBot in an effort to distribute 3D printing materials and develop 3D-printable designs.

MakerBot 3D Printer

The objective of this business partnership is that the designers at Martha Stewart will work alongside the design teams at MakerBot to create MakerBot Digital Store collections. The result of this collaborative effort is that consumers will have the ability to easily 3D print premium Martha Stewart custom products in her classic colors, Jadeite, Robin’s Egg and Lemon Drop, which translates to a light green, blue and yellow.

Furthermore, the plan for this 3D-printed project is to first create napkin rings, coasters, flameless LED votive candle holders and place card holders that will be part of the Martha Stewart Trellis Collection.

These items and more can be printed at home on a MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer in the three filament colors that we mentioned before, which will join the 20 tones that are already available!

According to the acting CEO of MakerBot, Jenny Lawton, she believes that Martha Stewart’s creations and colors are a natural fit for the world of 3D printing and that introducing 3D-printed merchandise to a lifestyle brand is a true testament to the innovative outlook that MakerBot thrives on.

Martha Stewart Living and MakerBot continue to work on various projects together in an effort to enhance their product collections; however, as of late, you can enjoy some 3D-printed colorful decorations for your upcoming holiday parties!

Happy Thanksgiving from Inventionland!

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