The Container Store recently held an exclusive, invite-only preview party at their brand-new Pittsburgh location. Keep reading to learn about the Inventionland connection.

A couple of weeks ago, in anticipation of their grand opening, The Container Store held an exclusive, invite-only preview party.


At The Container Store preview, the excitement was palpable and the products that we designed right here at Inventionland were on display. For example, the Gift Wrap Organizer and the Gift Bag Organizer were on display in Jokari packaging, while the Hanger Pockets were on store shelves under The Container Store’s own private-label packaging!

the-container-storeWith all of this excitement swirling around our invention factory following the event, we had to check in with our team from the Red House to see what they had to say about seeing their hard work on store shelves!

“I would say it was a fairly overwhelming experience, because we were trying to look for our products, see competitive products to what we do and, at the same time, we were looking at The Container Store brand itself to get an understanding of the private-label world and its benefits and why The Container Store does it,” said Creationeer Tim.

“The time flew by while we were there. It didn’t seem like we had enough time to get through everything before we got kicked out,” he laughed.

Creationeer John joined in on the conversation by saying “Impulse, impulse, impulse!”

“Seeing the store layout kind of just gave us an idea of the different categories to keep our minds focused on. We spent a lot of time there at the end looking at the impulse gadgets near the checkout to understand how and why they made it there and how to get our products there in the future,” said Tim.

It’s not these Creationeers’ first time seeing their products and packaging on store shelves, but it’s always a gratifying experience.

“It’s numb, but it is gratifying to see our work on the store shelf, which is the whole point in what we do,” said Tim.

Switching gears from the creative/innovator experience to the consumer experience, the team agrees there’s a lot to love at this new store location. Tim and Creationeer Tess were both intrigued by the closet displays.


We couldn’t contain our excitement, so we had to share it with you! We hope you enjoyed our behind-the-scenes look at The Container Store’s preview party!

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