You might want to upgrade your kitchen once you see these 3D-printed faucets, as pictured above from!

As the world of 3D printing continues to grow, so too does its innovation.

American Standard has embraced 3D printing and has created a brand new line of twisted faucets under their DXV line.

The designs of the 3D-printed faucets will definitely catch your eye and are capturing the capabilities of 3D printing, too.

American Standard uses a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing process to create some of their impressive kitchen hardware pieces.

The SLS process gives American Standard the creative license to fabricate objects using geometries that could not have been done with the use of standard casting techniques.

The process of creating these innovative 3D-printed faucets starts with a 3D model of the design. Next, the model is sent to the SLS 3D printer, where a layer of metal powder is laid down on the printing bed.

A laser then melts the metal powder into the shape of the first layer of the model. The first layer is sintered, another layer of metal powder is laid down on top of it and the process is repeated until completion.

What’s great about the SLS 3D printer is that it doesn’t require any support structure, which makes creating any shape that a designer can think of possible.

The DXV 3D-printed faucets have reinvented the way that water moves through them. In fact, the structure conceals the waterways through a decorative design, which gives a magical illusion when the water begins to flow.

American Standard’s DXV 3D-printed faucets are the first on the market. However, don’t expect to see them in your local hardware store anytime soon. These innovative faucets are only available in a select few showrooms and retailers.

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