Watch your back Lego, UberBlox is coming for you; just look at the picture above from!

Legos are a staple of most kids’ childhoods and the bane of every parents’ existence when they step on them.  But, that’s not the only qualm some people have with Legos. Others find them hard to handle for those who want to custom-build a prototype with the multi-colored plastic bricks.

UberBlox came to be to find a solution for the need for a solid, easy-to-use modular system that helps makers build and test not only their robots, but also their 3D printers, smart systems and other computer-programmed machines.

This new high-quality metal construction set and prototyping system is meant for makers to build both automated machines and rigid structures.

Now, UberBlox isn’t completely knocking traditional plastic building block sets; however, Alex Pirseyedi, founder of UberBlox Systems, notes that they can’t handle the rigidity and accuracy that automated machines require.

This is where UberBlox excels, because it bridges the gap by combining the foundational, plastic building blocks with higher technical needs that are associated with a typical maker.

Enough with the technicality of UberBlox, now onto what this invention is capable of.

First, all that a person has to do is imagine an idea within the system. Next, the person will begin to assemble the parts, mostly with a small tool.

Finally, the electronic, electro-mechanic and software components will help bring the idea to life.

If a person wants to build a prototype, UberBlox could be helpful because the system can become a fully-functional 3D printer. If that’s what a person really wants, they can buy it preassembled or packaged in a more tailored kit.

However, UberBlox is more so for those with a curiosity for innovation and is targeted for people who “have a desire to make their own so that they can learn engineering and technical skills as well as be able to tweak their system however they like,” says Pirseyedi.

But, that’s not all that UberBlox can do. It also can easily build different types of robots that include humanoids, rovers and manipulator arms, as well as CNC milling and routing, engraving and laser cutting machines.

Right now, UberBlox is gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign that will reveal how the connection mechanism works. If the team surpasses their goal, they’ll be able to develop a 3D software tool that’s designed specifically for drag-and-drop assembly of virtual UberBlox parts, in order to aid in the design process.

It seems that the best is yet to come for UberBlox and the team will be releasing 3D models of its parts, soon. But until then, here’s a quick video!

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