Last week, we hit the rewind button as we took a look back at all of our Inside Inventionland episodes. As promised, in today’s blog, we’re rolling out the red carpet for Creationeer Sarah. What do MacGyver and Sarah have in common? Read on to find out.

Inside Inventionland has given us an all-access pass to the lives, both professionally and personally, of some of our Creationeers. In the latest installment, Creationeer Sarah gives us an exclusive look at a day in her shoes.

Creationeer Sarah works on designing products and says that she started at Inventionland as a MacGyver of sorts.

“I always like to learn new things and my hobbies really helped me to get a job here, so that was pretty great!” said Sarah.

MacGyver has a positive, can-do attitude and that’s what Sarah tries to mimic, day in and day out. With a positive outlook on life, Sarah considers herself an all-around happy person.

“Being grumpy is no way to live,” said Sarah.


Every day when she comes through the doors of Inventionland, Sarah puts her education and her raw talents to the test. Beyond her busy schedule and tenacity to succeed, Sarah somehow finds time to lend her expertise to a local brewery in her spare time.

So, what is Creationeer Sarah happy to brew up and what are the three words that she uses to describe Inventionland? All that and more is in the latest installment of Inside Inventionland. 

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