There’s never a dull moment at Inventionland and this week’s tours are just more proof.

Taking a walk around our 61,000-square foot invention factory is awe-inspiring on its own, but when tour guide-extraordinaire Sam Sandora is leading that walk around our creative space, the tour gets that much better.

This week, Inventionland was seen through the eyes of two groups of eager young minds, a Brownie Troop from Hance Elementary from the Pine Richland School District on Monday and on Tuesday, Cub Scout Pack 243 from Sewickley, PA.

Pine Richland - Brownie TroopCub Scouts Sewickley - IL Tour

On Monday, February 15th, the Brownie Troop received the grand tour. Like many young minds who venture through Inventionland, this group of girls seemed “overstimulated with the facility,” said Sandora.

With 16 unique sets in our invention factory, it definitely is a lot to take in.

Brainpower BallparkInventalot CastleConcept Kitchen

“They were excited,” Sandora said.

This Brownie Troop wasn’t the only excited group to visit Inventionland this week. As we mentioned before, Cub Scout Pack 243 of Sewickley, PA also got a tour of our creative space.

“They seemed genuinely blown away by Inventionland,”
Sandora said.

Sandora himself was blown away by the questions that the Cub Scouts asked.

“They were really smart kids, asking these ‘brainiac’ questions! Some really technical questions for a young group,” said Sandora.

The group was full of intelligent questions and great invention ideas of their own; so, Sandora explained the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of an invention idea.

With intuitive questions and ideas like those brought on during Inventionland tours, it’s safe to say that groups of young, creative minds are inventors in the making!

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