Where New Product Ideas are Made for Store Shelves

Though manufacturing is not an official step in the inventing process, Inventionland’s close relationship with corporations and manufacturers is undeniably impactful in bringing new product ideas to store shelves. For corporations and manufacturers, being able to work on new product ideas with the professionals at Inventionland is a partnership made in innovation heaven.

Because new invention ideas are designed, engineered, prototyped and packaged at Inventionland, manufacturers are easily armed with every drawing, dimension and tangible aid they need to create a store-shelf ready product. In essence, Inventionland is a one-stop-shop for manufacturers.

Corporate Connections Open Doors for Clients

Unlike the individual who has an idea but must hold down a job and take care of other responsibilities like a family, at Inventionland we develop and present products every day. We know how a product should be designed and can talk manufacturing lingo with potential licensees.

Twister Bolts and Caps were created at Inventionland for a client who had a new product idea to enhance toilet safety and appearance. The concept was presented to Danco, who happened to have available space on the shelves at both Lowe’s and Home Depot stores. Working with Inventionland, Danco chose the Twister Bolts and Caps idea and …the rest is licensing history.