Halloween is right around the corner and the spooky spirits that are led by Michael otherwise known as “Spicy” at Inventionland are preparing for a ghoulish affair!

With our skilled designers, engineers, builders and other creative souls, we always knew that Inventionland was home to the inventive and innovative spirit.

As we speak about spirits, we have to admit that things seem to be getting pretty spooky around Inventionland!

Spicy Decorating Inventionland

Halloween is right around the corner and Inventionland’s own Michael otherwise known as “Spicy” (Special Operations) is jumping into action to mask Inventionland with its frightening Halloween décor.

Since 2006, Spicy has been the main goblin who is in charge of transforming our creative space into a spooky setting. This year, he’s planning something unique.

“Every year, we try to make at least one new decoration,” said Spicy.

While some of the decorations stay the same each year, such as a big spider web setting, the ghastly guests can always count on seeing something new!

“I try to make it fresh!” said Spicy.

But, Spicy can’t do this job on his own. In fact, it takes a lot of teamwork to decorate our 61,000 square foot space. In years past, the Packaging Department’s Shannon and Trevor have both lent a helping hand – or body – as Spicy once traced them to form the shapes for new dummies to be added to a scary set.

Prototype Builder Sharon played an integral role in creating the mummy!

Inventionland Halloween Mummy

“Sharon is amazing,” said Spicy. “She did a great job with spray painting and detail work.”

This year, Inventionland Builder Jon helped design the graveyard scenes.

Inventionland Halloween Graveyard

With all of this help in making Inventionland into a BOOtiful space, Spicy likes to take in all of the excitement when guests arrive to the company’s annual Halloween party.

“I enjoy watching people,” said Spicy. “I like hearing ‘Oh, that’s really cool!’ and seeing people look around to see what’s different.”

However, his absolute favorite part of the entire process is seeing how Inventionland’s capabilities work seamlessly in the Halloween decorating and even costume-making.

Inventionland Halloween Spicy's Spicetar

Speaking of costumes, in years past, Spicy has won the best costume award for the “Spicetar.”  You may remember seeing a similar fortune-teller character in the movie “Big” – well, Spicy created the costume to near perfection.

This costume required woodworking, laser etching, painting, electronics and more!

Spicy even went so far as to reach out to the company who prints the actual fortunes that are dispensed from these fortune machines, so that every costume-admirer could have a fortune that comes out of the front of the machine just like the real thing!

Spicy's HalloweenSpicy's Halloween

So, between costumes and decorating, Spicy admits, “It’s a lot of work, but you can be so creative with it!”

A new Halloween scene is already in the works for this year’s party.  As for now, it’s under wraps, but Spicy promises a hauntingly good time for all!

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