Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared some of our Creationeers’ crazy pets and today is no different! Keep reading this week’s edition of ‘Straight out of the Pet Shack!’

What do three dogs, two cats, two rats, a bird and an aquarium of fish have in common? The answer is their pet parent, Inventionland Graphic Designer Justin.

“It’s just a small portion of my veritable zoo,” said Justin.

Pet Shack - Roy and Selkie

Selkie is longingly looking at her best bud, Roy.

In the picture above is Roy the parakeet and Selkie the cattle dog. This picture wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for an interesting story.

Selkie has the unfortunate knack for catching wild birds – yes, she’s quick like that! So, as the story goes, about three years ago, on Justin’s birthday of all days, Selkie managed to catch yet another bird.

Upon hearing the commotion, Justin ran outside and ordered Selkie to drop the bird. Sure enough, she did and you guessed it, the bird was none other than Roy, a blue parakeet. He jumped into action and managed to nurse this parakeet back to health.

After all of these years, Justin still has his birthday present from Selkie, “Roy the annoying parakeet, who loves to yap away loudly, especially when I’m trying to nap or enjoy a movie!”

How did this Creationeer come up with the names for his two pets? The choice is yours from where Selkie’s name is derived from, “It’s either the mythical Welsh water nymph or the hockey player Frank Selke.”

After his miraculous escape from the “jaws of death,” Roy was named after Roy Sheider, the star of the classic horror movie Jaws!

Justin isn’t the only Creationeer with some crazy pets. In fact, Senior Design Manager Clay’s cats, Simon and Rory, are both unique in their own ways.

Pet Shack - Rory

Clay’s cats are even rather innovative! For instance, Rory works hard, day in and day out, to hold down our Creationeer’s chair. Rory realizes that the centrifugal force of the Earth spinning can, at any moment, fling the chair into space. “Look at that grip!” he said.

 Pet Shack - Simon

Now, Simon, who sadly passed away recently, was a master mechanic. In this picture, he’s carefully diagnosing an engine problem and we’d like to add that it looks like he did a purrfect job!

In case you missed it, meet Hydro and Yo-Yo for even more crazy Creationeer pet stories!

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