3D printing isn’t just for the professionals. In fact, it’s perfect for the family, too! Learn more about the latest 3D-printing endeavor from the Bonsai Lab!

In a previous blog, we’ve written about the Printeer, which is an invention that makes 3D printing more accessible to kids in order to let them creatively express themselves with a boost from technology.

Today, we want to build off of that notion and discuss the latest venture of the Bonsai Lab, which hopes to make 3D printing a family-friendly affair.

The Bonsai Lab BS Toy is offering a simple 3D-printer design that’s geared towards families and children. The company plans to officially announce it as a 3D printer for “educational or home use.”

Bonsai Lab's BS Toy

The Bonsai Lab’s BS Toy 3D printer (as pictured above from 3dprint.com) is lightweight and meant for family use.

The Bonsai Lab’s BS Toy is a safer, smaller successor to Bonsai Lab’s BS01 + printer. The small size is what is appealing for kids to use, of course, with parental supervision!

Now, back to the size of the BS Toy; it’s an 8-inch cube that weighs in at 4.4 pounds.

But, in addition to its appealing size, the key to making this 3D printer for “home and educational use” can be found in the exclusively-designed filament from Polymaker.

Let’s get technical for a minute. The BS Toy’s filament melts at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Bonsai Lab says that is less than half of the average temperature that it takes other filaments from other 3D printers to melt.

Though it’s not exactly the coolest in regard to the temperature of the filament, it is a pretty “cool” idea in general!

So, if your kids love to use their imaginations and create new things, this family-friendly 3D printer might take their imaginations to a whole new dimension by showing them an entirely new way to create.

As of right now, Bonsai Lab hopes to have the BS Toy on the market by the 2015 holiday season with a price tag of anywhere between $500-600.

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