They came, they saw, they toured Inventionland. Read more about CanTEEN’s great visit to our invention factory!

Through their “Tour Your Future”  tours that are presented by Valspar, middle school and high school girls ages 11-17 are given the opportunity to discover and explore their love for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and to learn more about the available career options that they can pursue in these specific areas.

On Thursday, October 15, CanTEEN, a group of extremely bright young girls, arrived at the doors of our 61,000 square foot creative design facility eager to learn. Behind those doors was a group of innovative women from Inventionland who were equally eager to teach this group.

When both of these groups came together, it turned out to be a wonderful day that was filled with creativity, innovation and curiosity.

“CanTEEN was a great experience. It was awesome to meet the girls and show them our creative workplace. There was a wide variety of interests in the group. We talked to future engineers, scientists and leaders,” said Sarah, Industrial Designer.

Through their conversations during the day, Sarah noted that the lines of communication were open to share with the girls a glimpse into our team of innovative women at Inventionland’s backgrounds.

“We shared information about our backgrounds, how important teamwork is in a creative environment, and things to keep in mind when job hunting and going through school,” said Sarah.

Though it may seem like a daunting task for young girls to consider a traditionally male-dominated career, Sarah and her co-workers wanted to show this group that workplaces are not just full of all stereotypes and used Inventionland as an example.

“I know this group has a bright future in front of them,” she said.

Here are some great snapshots from CanTEEN’s visit:

151 177 Workshop1 CanTEEN at Inventionland

So, from Beijing, China, to a project of Carnegie Science Center’s Chevron Center for STEM Education and Career Development, CanTEEN, the doors of our invention factory are always open for creative minds to tour our creative space!

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