We don’t want to brag, but we know that our creative design facility is pretty awe-inspiring. In fact, Inventionland has been featured in countless “Coolest Offices” lists and today we’re sharing with you another one from PayScale! Check it out!

PayScale Career News is a company that’s compiled the world’s largest database of 54 million individual salary profiles for workers and employers to tap into their talent markets.

Recently, PayScale compiled yet another important list, one entitled, “These Might Be the 5 Coolest Offices in the US (and Canada).”

As you may have guessed, our 61,000-square-foot creative design facility was featured as one of the coolest offices!

PayScale Article

In the article, PayScale writers preface the list by telling their readers to “Prepare for a major case of office envy – the only antidote to which is the solace you can take from knowing how hard it must be to get actual work done in offices this cool.”

Inventionland was featured among the likes of offices that include a Ferris Wheel, an indoor slide and even a space with a retrofitted stainless-steel diner!

Aside from these other great offices, the article went on to chronicle the ins and outs of our invention factory and even mentioned that Inventionland, “may not be new, but it’s by far one of the coolest office spaces in the country (and possibly the world).”

Wow – we are very flattered!

If you’d like to see this article for yourself and read what PayScalehad to say about our invention factory, look no further!

You can read the entire “These Might Be the 5 Coolest Office in the US (and Canada)” article, here!

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