We aren’t kitten when we say that our Inventionland Creationeers receive some of their inspiration from their crazy and creative pets. Keep reading to learn about three peculiar pet cats!

Over the last few weeks, we’ve described some of the at-home inspirations that surround our team of Creationeers – their four-legged, finned or feathery pets! During today’s edition of Straight out of the Pet Shack, those inspirations are starting to get a little catty!

Senior Corporate Designer & Engineer Matt is the proud pet parent of two cats, Isis and William Tiberius %3@$storm.

The latter name is quite the mouthful, don’t you think? “I know his name is a bit long, but that’s actually what’s on his vet record,” said Matt.

 Crazy Cats - Pet Shack

“Why yes, I am, in fact, wearing a bow tie.”

For the sake of this blog, we’ll refer to him as William. Matt and William’s story began 12 years ago when William was rescued from a shelter and the rest is history.

As we mentioned before, William is not Matt’s only cat; in fact, his other feline friend, Isis, was purchased from a breeder in Connecticut.

 Crazy Cats - Pet Shack

“Don’t mind me, just soaking up some rays!”

Since Matt lives and works in Pittsburgh, he needed to purchase a Delta Airlines ticket as well as obtain federal clearances in order for his new friend to cross state lines.

“I spent three thousand dollars on a female F3 Savannah (“F” stands for Filial system). The filial system is a way of tracking generational breeding,” he said.

For a quick history lesson, “F1 is one generation from a wild Serval cat, F2 is two generations from a wild Serval cat and F3 is a third. It goes all the way up to F10,” Matt noted.

Now, Isis is essentially a Savannah F3 “super cat” and was bred from an African Serval and an Egyptian cat.

“She manages to open round door knobs very easily, opens all of my drawers and cupboards and is very loyal to me and hardly anyone else,” said Matt, “In fact, she has a history of biting visitors!”

Matt has to baby-proof his house in order to keep her out of his things. But, that’s not all; our Creationeer also believes that she acts like a big cat that’s trapped inside of a house cat’s body.

“She chirps instead of meows, hisses at strangers!”

So while Isis is a handful, William, on the other hand, is very calm and extremely patient with Matt’s 13 month-old daughter. “He sleeps a lot, that’s about it.”

Now onto Designer Tess’ cat, Gemini!

 Crazy Cats - Pet Shack

“Cat eyes!”

Crazy Cats - Pet Shack - Gemini

“I’m trying to sleep here.”

This creative cat finds new and exciting ways to catch up on her rest and relaxation. After all, being a cat can be tiring sometimes, right?

Crazy Cats - Pet Shack - Gemini

“She’s pretty creative with her spots she likes to hang. Sometimes I think she thinks she’s a dog. I can call or whistle for her and she comes running. She greets me at the door [and] she even kicks her leg when you scratch her belly sometimes!”

That’s all we have for right meow, Straight out of the Pet Shack!

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