Take a look at our thrilling Inventionland Haunted House, if you dare! 

Just about every week, clients and other groups tour Inventionland to get an inside look at our 61,000 square foot creative space. It’s one thing to see our space in photographs, but to see it in person is a unique and exciting experience.

Over the last few weeks, in preparation for the Inventionland Halloween Party that took place yesterday, our invention factory became occupied by more ghouls and ghosts than Inventionland has ever seen.

We let you in on a little secret before about a new Halloween scene Michael otherwise known as “Spicy” (Special Operations) had in the works for the Halloween party and all groups who recently toured Inventionland got a sneak peek at the exterior of the scene – a new Inventionland haunted house set that was built in the Packaging department’s Creativity Cabin!

Halloween party-goers got to see and experience the Inventionland haunted house first-hand yesterday. It was full of tricks, but not without the treats, as Spicy was sure to equip “trick-or-treaters” with Rice Krispie Treats, Mountain Dew, Little Hug Fruit Barrels and other sweet surprises upon a visit to the haunted house.

Now, we have a treat for you – a virtual tour of the Inventionland haunted house!

Enter if you dare!

Inventionland Haunted House

The haunted house was perfect for a Halloween scare. Spicy collaborated with Packaging Engineer Trevor to design and print the doors and windows for the house. So what was the special twist? Take a closer look in the windows and you’ll see ghastly ghosts that Spicy “photoshopped in.” Builder Jon played a huge role in helping Spicy paint all of the slats on the new house. This house still had a cabin feel, but just a little creepier.


Inventionland Haunted House - Redrum

We all remember that bone-chilling phrase from “The Shining” – REDRUM (or ‘murder’ backwards!). Trevor added this scary phrase to a wall inside of the haunted house, right next to the demon that was strategically placed in the window. The creature is seemingly emerging out of a wormhole that Trevor designed out of PETG clear plastic that was stretched for a warped effect.

Beware of the skeleton!

Inventionland Haunted House - Skeleton

What’s a haunted house without a skeleton? Inventionland Builder Jon vacuum-formed this scary skeleton from another skeleton’s face, in addition to some others that haunted house goers ran into in the haunted house.

Not scared yet? Here are some more photos from the Inventionland haunted house!

We think that Spicy said it best when he said, “This was the biggest Halloween surprise we’ve done to date! I often get ‘What are you being this year?’ as I always put a lot of energy into my costumes that are often award-winning. This year, I put my energy into the haunted house. It’s something everybody can enjoy.”

Keep an eye out for our Halloween party recap in the coming weeks!

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