Our Inventionland Creationeers are celebrating National Inventors Month by sharing their favorite inventors.

For 18 years, May has been reserved by the United Inventors Association of the USA (UIA-USA), the Academy of Applied Science and Inventors’ Digest magazine as National Inventors Month.

This month is set aside to celebrate the inventors and idea people who have made valuable contributions to the world.

We decided to talk a walk around our 61,000-square foot design factory and pick the brains of our innovative Creationeers and ask them:

“Who’s your favorite inventor and why?”

Let’s start with Design Coordinator, Jenna!

Throughout the ages, there have been many inventors, such as Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of America, or Archimedes, who was thought of as one of the leading scientists of his time. All these thousands of men and women have inspired and helped to create the next generation of inventors.Few, however, are as well-known as my favorite inventor, and one of my many inspirations, Leonardo Di Vinci. A polymath, Da Vinci constantly pushed the boundaries of science, art, and religion in his time and never stopped in his endless pursuit of knowledge. Da Vinci was a brilliant mind, delving deep into botany, anatomy, mechanics, astronomy, history, and more,  leaving an untouchable mark on the art and architecture world that little have dared or been able to come close to throughout history. His brilliance still touches the lives of everyone, in some way, today. I, personally, revere him for the mind he had, how he showed us that we never have to settle, that the possibilities are endless. The way he viewed art is inspiring and his sketches and notebooks, which are filled with science, art, architecture and religious musings, are fascinating. Overall, the man’s genius is timeless and worthy of awe and admiration.”

Next, we picked the brain of Senior Design Manager, Clay. Remember him? He’s the creator of our pal, Rusty!

“My favorite inventor is John Harington, inventor of the flush toilet! If you think you’re having a crappy day, just imagine how much crappier it would be without toilets and the supportive infrastructure that carries away and treats the waste! Thank you, John Harington!”

Inventionland designer, John, found it hard to pinpoint one favorite inventor; so, he enlightened us with a few of his favorite inventors.

“There are a variety of inventors. They range from the simple garage tinkerers that are focused on solutions to everyday problems, to highly specialized engineers and entrepreneurs that are developing new technologies and methods that transform the way our world works…I chose to focus on a particular person that is influencing a completely new way of creating objects.”

The one inventor that John focused on was Skylar Tibbits, a designer and computer scientist from MIT that is trailblazing a method of creating objects that self-assemble with dynamic properties that allow a product to change without motors or electronics.

Take a look at this video that John shared with us!

John expounded on this inventor a bit further:

“The potential for the work his team is doing can potentially change the way things are manufactured as well as shipped. Imagine a running shoe that can adapt to the terrain or a sewer pipe that can increase its diameter as more water flows through it.”

Beyond individual, John believes that inventors have the great ability to influence the world as we know it and to push humanity beyond its limits to do great things.

“Sometimes it can be to make a better can opener, and sometimes it can be a better way to manufacture that can opener. We all are helping people on that journey. I’m proud to be involved.”

Who’s your favorite inventor? We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us your answer!

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