“Inside Inventionland” is back and on this episode we’re getting the inside scoop from Packaging Engineer Shannon!

Age is just a number for Packaging Engineer Shannon as she continues to prove people wrong who may doubt her capabilities. For Shannon, she’s a progressive thinker, who is always looking ahead and uncovering new opportunities to better herself, both personally and professionally.

Industrial design has given Shannon the license to utilize her creativity each day she steps through the doors of Inventionland. From product design to packaging design, Shannon is able to put her best foot forward and use her skills to create finished products she’s proud of.

Outside of Inventionland, Shannon shared with us a special hidden talent that you’ll see once you watch this episode of Inside Inventionland.

Until then, here’s a little snippet of Shannon’s personality as described by this energetic Creationeer.

 “I’m really athletic or spasmodic…That’s a really bad way of saying it, isn’t it?” she joked.

Without further ado, here’s Packaging Engineer Shannon’s episode of Inside Inventionland!

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