We’re back! Another episode, the fifth to be exact, of “Inside Inventionland” is ready and raring to go! This time, we’re getting to know Creationeer Greg! Keep reading to learn more!

From a young age, Greg has been fascinated with how things worked. He tinkered; he played; and, he rolled up his sleeves and followed his passion, which ultimately led him to Inventionland.

“You’re free to be you here,” said Greg about the creative atmosphere that lives within the walls of Inventionland!

It’s at our invention factory that Greg is able to put his inventing spirit to use by way of rapid prototyping and 3D printing!

From his passion to fascination, Greg gives us his view point on how today’s modern technology is awe-inspiring. But, that’s not all; he fills us in on what he likes to do in his spare time, too.

Let’s get right into the action. Here’s Greg’s episode of Inside Inventionland. Enjoy!

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