Spring has sprung and with the change in weather and season, the excitement surrounding our Inventionland tours is blooming. Keep reading to see who stopped by our invention factory this week. 

This week in particular, Inventionland tour guide-extraordinaire Sam had the opportunity to take two groups through our creative space. The first tour to take a spin around Inventionland was a large group of home school students from Clarion, PA.

The Clarion home school students arrived at our invention factory in two groups – both eager and ready to discover and learn!

Clarion Tour Group 1 Clarion Tour Group 2

“They were just very well behaved and very intelligent kids. I just marvel at that,” said Sam, who takes many an excited student group through our creative space, always getting to witness their young minds at work.

“I think they were just in awe. Kids have a whole different mindset. It’s nice to see when they’re really inspired; when they’re really getting it,” said Sam.

With a creative space as unique as Inventionland, it’s often just as easy for adults to embrace their inner child.

“The parent teachers were pretty excited, too!” said Sam, who mentioned how they expressed interest in our Inventionland Institute curriculum, wondering how they could incorporate it into their homeschooling and brainstorming a possible program to meet their needs.

After a day of excitement, interesting questions and the seeing the inventor spirit alive and well in the eyes of these young adults, Sam welcomed a group of employees from Giant Eagle, a Pittsburgh-based company with nearly six hundred grocery stores and gas stations, who matched that enthusiasm!

Giant Eagle Corporate

“With Giant Eagle Corporate right up the street from Inventionland, it was so convenient!” said Sam, who led employees from various Giant Eagle departments– from Marketing to Logistics and more.

“They were impressed with the caliber of work and products that come out of Inventionland and where they reach. They were pretty blown away [that] people come from around the world to see this place,” said Sam.

And what a place it is to see, with unique sets housing work areas for Inventionland Creationeers!

“They certainly marvel at work areas like we have. I think many companies are used to a cube environment, so to see a space like ours is overwhelming in a good way!” said Sam.

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