Over the past few weeks, we’ve shared a lot about Inventionland work showing up in front of the masses at recent trade shows. Today, we’re sharing even more as we browse around David Tutera’s website!

A lot of work has been done by our Creationeers here at Inventionland to prepare products and packaging designs for new collections recently released under the David Tutera brand for our friends at Love Cooking Company.

Prior to the International Home + Housewares Show a couple weeks ago, we helped prepare products for their debut at the show. These same product have now found their home on not only Love’s website (available for pre-order), but also on celebrity entertaining expert David Tutera’s website, too!

Simply head to www.davidtutera.com  – Click “Products,” then “Home” to explore the various products!

Now that you’ve clicked around on David Tutera’s website, you probably noticed some great photography. Well, some of the images that you saw on the website were actually done in-house, right here at Inventionland.

For this project, Designer Kyp played the role of director of photography and food stylist, alongside Michael (better known as “Spicy”) who was the photographer.

David Tutera Website

“It’s pretty epic having my photos on such a well-known celebrity’s website,” said Spicy.

“I hope people can appreciate the effort and detail that we go into. Some of the seemingly subtle things we change during the shoot make the final photos look amazing.” said Spicy.

Just take the Party Tubs, for example.

David Tutera - Storage Solutions

When creating this shot, Spicy and Kyp kept attention to the littlest details, moving small pieces of ice here and there and rotating bottles of soda even just a half an inch to get the perfect placement. More water droplets were also added on the bottles for condensation. All of these factors came together for the website-worthy picture.

“Food photography is fun because you usually get a meal at the end,” Spicy smiled.

Kyp echoes Spicy’s sentiments saying, “It’s cool to be able to point to so many different websites and show my family work I’ve done… When those links are live, that’s when we get to share it with the world.”

Just imagine the pride and the feeling of accomplishment that Spicy and Kyp must have felt when they saw their hard work live on a celebrity’s website.

“It’s very validating,” Kyp added. “There’s a level of quality that brands and professionals expect for commercial photography. It’s great to be able to consistently deliver that quality.”

From the sounds of things, Kyp plans to continue to deliver that star-caliber quality!

“Every time we work with a new celebrity, I get a few degrees closer to Kevin Bacon,” Kyp joked.

Congratulations to this duo on a job well done!

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