Even the best of makers will hit a creative slump every once in a while. Maybe it’s after you finish up a huge bucket-list project or between a few smaller projects you have lined up. Whatever it may be, it can leave you frustrated and feeling, dare we say it… lazy. A break can be nice, but for you hardcore makers out there you’re always happiest when you’re creating. To help any maker get out of their inspiration rut, here are some design challenge prompts that will get your brain, and hopefully your hands, moving again.

Inventionland Maker Design Challenge 1

1) Design a Treehouse

Whether or not you have kids, treehouses can be a fun and creative place to escape. In this challenge, you’re tasked with designing your perfect treehouse. What type of tree would you use? What type of wood would you use for the construction? What would the design look like and how would you make it sturdy? What would the interior of your treehouse look like? How would you decorate it? You’re tasked to design the exterior and interior of your treehouse. Then make a step-by-step list of how you’d accomplish the design, the supplies you need, and the cost. Not only is your maker mind moving again, but now you have a working design that you can work on anytime.

2) Design a Roller Coaster

For thrill-seekers out there, roller coasters can be addicting. What would your ideal roller coaster look like? What would it be made of? Would the safety bar go over your head or over your waist? Would it start with a super high incline or would you go upside down right away? Close your eyes and picture beat by beat what your perfect ride would look like. This activity does involve a little research. Figure out what you’d build your roller coaster out of, what the car itself would look like and what the ride itself would look like and create a sketch.

Inventionland Maker Design Challenge 2

3) Remodel a Room in Your Home

You love your home, but there’s always that one room that you have secret dreams of transforming. Perhaps it’s a spare room that currently acts as a storage space that you’d like to transform into a library. Or maybe you think your kitchen would function better with a little tweaking. Once you’ve picked your room, give it a design overhaul. What supplies would you like to store or have in the room? When relocating those items, where could you put them so that the room functions best? If you’re adding or building new pieces of furniture, what will they be made of? Similarly to the treehouse idea, sketch out a design of the room and then write down step by step how to make it happen as well as the cost and supplies you’ll need. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself inspired enough to start knocking down walls.

4) Remodel a Room in a Friend’s Home

This one is especially fun because you’ll get to work with a friend. Choose a friend and ask if there’s a room in their house that they have dreams of remodeling. If they say yes- ask them more about it. What would they like to do with it? What exact items would their dream room consist of? How big is the room approximately in their house? Would they need to repaint or add/remove carpet? Once they provide you with all of the necessary details, sketch them out a blueprint and a plan the same way you did for your room. Not only have you just flexed some creative muscles, but you’ve made their dream all the more possible.

Inventionland Maker Design Challenge 3

5) Invent a Social Distance Sport

Another fun one because it may eventually serve as a fun way to stay in touch with your friends. You’re tasked to invent a sport that people can play together while still social distancing. Ask yourself questions like- what is the goal of the sport? Will it include a points system? How many players will you need? Will you need to be physically together or can it be played while everyone is in their respective homes? Will there be teams? What materials are needed? What are the rules? Once you invent your game and flesh it out, test it on some of your friends. Before long you may have some rivalries building and you may be face-timing your friends much more often to keep score.